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Tokyo Auto Salon 2023

This weekend saw the Tokyo Auto Salon 2023. The Tokyo Auto Salon started with the aim of promoting Japan’s custom car culture both domestically and internationally, and has grown into one of the world’s largest car festivals and has long been loved by car fans. Once again this year MF Ghost had a stand promoting the manga and the upcoming anime released later this year. Other highlights to the show was the 2024 Nissan GT-R debuts in base and Nismo variants and Toyota AE86 Concepts were shown with factory Hydrogen and Electric restomods.

The popular manga “MF Ghost” will be animated! Check out the start of broadcasting in 2023!

“Initial D” is a monumental car manga and still has many fans. The author, Shuichi Shigeno, is currently serializing in Young Magazine (Kodansha) as “MF Ghost”. “Initial D” has also been animated and has expanded its fans all over the world, but finally “MF Ghost” will also be animated this year in 2023! There is no doubt that it will become more and more exciting.
The project “MFG Concept”, which realistically expresses the world view of “MF Ghost”, came to Tokyo Auto Salon again this year. Last year, the Toyota GR86 was used as a base and the vehicle was modified in the same way as in the play. Racing driver Manabu Orido was in charge of selecting and producing these tuning parts.

The GR86, displayed in front of the illustration on the wall in front of the entrance of the East Hall, has been tuned in consideration of the regulations of the “MFG” competing in the “MF Ghost” play. It is a content that combines comfort and sportiness.

The exterior features a hood with a matte black finish and a SARD carbon GT wing. The wheels are matte black RAYS Volk Racing TE37SAGA S-plus and the tires are ADVAN Neova AD09R. The tire size has been widened from last year’s 215/40-18 to 225/40-18.

The legs are fitted with ST suspensions and Project Mu front and rear brake callipers. The drive system is reinforced with an ORC clutch. The exhaust system has been replaced with Kakimoto Kai’s 4-pipe muffler, creating a powerful rear view. In addition, the interior is equipped with BRIDE full bucket seat ZIEG IV.

What I want to pay attention to is that it is possible to order exactly the same specifications as this “GR86 MFG Concept 2023” at GR garages nationwide. It is said that it is possible to modify not only the full complete specification, but also the parts such as just around the legs and only tires and wheels. The world of “MF Ghost” jumps over the real car, manga, and anime and categories. It will be more and more attention in the future.


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