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SEASON 2: Super teaser PV released!

It was revealed in the 12th episode of the TV anime that the 2nd season of the TV anime “MF Ghost” will be broadcast in 2024!
In the 12th episode, the qualifying time attack for the MFG 2nd round “Lake Ashi GT” is underway, and ends with Katagiri Natsumu attempting the time attack. The final episode ended with the excitement building up to the start of the final race. After the ending credits of the final episode, a super teaser PV was released, announcing that the 2nd season will be broadcast in 2024!

The super teaser PV shows Katagiri Natsumu’s beloved 86GT racing in the rain, evoking the long-awaited Lake Ashi GT final race being fought in the rain. Broadcast information for the 2nd Season will be released at a later date, so please look forward to it. The 1st Season, which ended with the final episode , will be broadcast all at once on ABEMA on Monday, December 25th , and is also available on Lemino, Prime Video, and other platforms . In addition, the Blu-ray BOX will be released on Friday, January 26th , so be sure to check out the 1st Season before the 2nd Season airs.
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