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Large Shopper & GR86MFG CONCEPT Project Guide – TAS2023

Last weekend saw the Tokyo Auto Salon 2023, as for the last few years the GR86MFG Concept has been showing its current build and advertising MFGhost manga. As always there is some MFGhost exclusive advertisement items for any collectors.

The booth itself was split into 2 sections, the left showing the current release of the MFGhost manga and the announcement that Vol.16 release of the 6 February. The right hand side displayed a large advert for the upcoming anime out later this year and the monitor would be running the latest promotional video released.

As for collectibles the stand had on offer a large shopper bag which featured the artwork from the 2023 booth. There was also updated GR86MFG CONCEPT Project Guide showing what has been updated on the build shown. Also a few stands were located in other areas offering the large shopping bag and Project Guide.

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