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Second PV “Eurobeat Edition”

Broadcast information Scheduled to be broadcast in 2023 〇 Staff Original: Shuichi Shigeno (serialized in Kodansha “Young Magazine”) Director: Tomohito Naka Series composition: Kenichi Yamashita Screenplay: Kenichi Yamashita / Akihiko Inari Character design: Naoyuki Onda General drawing director: Naoyuki Onda Chiyoko Sakamoto 3D Director: Hiroki Uchida Acoustic Director: Masafumi Mima Music: Akio Tsuchihashi Animation Production: Felix Film What is MF Ghost? ) is a manga series serialized in. Cumulative circulation of books exceeded 3.5 million copies. It also depicts a car race battle on an existing public road in the near-future world setting of “Initial D”, which was serialized in “Young Magazine” from 1995 to 2013 and depicts “the fastest public road legend”. . On May 6, 2022 (Friday), the latest volume of the original comic, Volume 14, will be released. ○ The future from the introduction “Initial D”, 202X AD. In Japan, self-driving cars have spread. At that time, public road car races were being held. The name of the race that is gaining popularity all over the world is MFG. The fastest machines such as Porsche, Ferrari and Lamborghini were competing one after another. On the other hand, Kanata Rivington, a driver who graduated from a racing school in England, returns to Japan to fulfill a certain purpose. Anime official website:
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